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Welcoming guests to a grand opening

Here at Viva Towers we love solving problems for clients; surpassing their expectation, and well ensuring they have a great time! We were asked by the brand Center Parcs to provide live entertainment for guests as they arrived for the Grand opening of the latest park in Bedfordshire. The entertainment they normally use is largely high quality, excellent ‘street’ entertainment. But in this instance, the client wanted a static band to play lively music to get the guests into a party mood!

Jazz Band at Grand Opening

As you can see from the photographs, the location the musicians were put, was quite remote and there were a number of technical issues to sort out, to ensure the brief was fulfilled. The style of music and the play list was the very least of the challenge!

Jazz Band the location for a grand opening

The musicians were located just by the security entrance, so there was no direct power, cover (in case it rained), or stable land. Initially the client wanted them to be located on a slope, but this was difficult for the musicians to stand and perform on, and the ground hadn’t been finished so it was unstable.

pianist playing at the grand opening

I loved the idea of the musicians being close to the woodland; it gave a very spontaneous feel to the entertainment. We did, however, need to ensure the musicians and the equipment, would be covered if it rained. We didn’t want to compromise the safety of the musicians and guests – and wanted to ensure all of the equipment would be okay!

Saxophonist and clarinet at the grand opening

So every day for the duration of the contract, there was a detailed weather check. They were blessed: there was only 1 occasion that they had to play under a gazebo – and in that case it was very heavy rain! Being al fresco really worked for this particular vibe.

location for the grand opening

The photo above shows the spontaneous feel to the performance.

Double bass playing at the grand opening

Our wonderful bass player, Dominic who programmed the music.

Brass player at the grand opening

The client wanted a New Orleans jazz feel to the music; and brass always helps!

The quartet

The clarinet is also a great instrument to have for a New Orleans vibe.

band in the distance

The guests loved the music as they arrived for the grand opening of the new park and there were plenty of smiles on their faces with an additional surprise for their adventure. We heard that the MD of the company got out of his car and started dancing! What a reaction!

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    1. Susan Heaton-Wright

      Me too! The musicians told me. Of course they were playing so couldn’t take a photo. The client and all of the people working there were wonderful to work with. Everyone was so excited about the opening and they were enthusiastic about the new park. A recommendation in itself!

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