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Wedding Entertainment For Social Media

Last week I had the privilege to meet an experienced, high end photographer who specialise in wedding photography. She has years of experience; a wonderful eye, a style and reputation to die for. I asked her how things were going and her answer surprised me. “I’m moving into corporate work more, because brides want ‘images’ for their blogs and social media. Their guests all have iPhones that take great snaps and that is what many people want: an instant visual record of an event.”

Singing Guests at a wedding

Of course this is a terrible loss to the wedding, but shows how this lady was really in touch with her clients. However, this made me really think about what private clients want from their events. We all see gorgeous images of the food, the decorated tables, flowers, the entertainment, that are  instantly posted onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is these images that are great indicators of the ‘success’ of an event – even if  other things, such as the flavour of the food or the incredible venue can’t be captured by an image.

So in order to make the entertainment incredible for Social Media, here are my top tips:

  • Make sure your entertainment is well lit: whether they have spot lights they bring or additional lighting, this will enhance the image and the impact it has on social media.
  • Get lots of action shots: hopefully the band you use will be  high energy. If you have classical musicians capture them playing rather than in a cheesy pose.
  • Audience participation; if your guests are on the dance floor, take a photo. Hopefully they’ll look thrilled to be dancing! Whether it is a ceilidh band or cover band, happy guests are great – and everyone seeing the images will know it is a successful event.
  • Interactive entertainment; whether this is a magician mixing and mingling, dancers interacting with guests or singers serenading guests, these are great opportunities for images. The audience look as though they are being entertained and this will show how much fun the event is.
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