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Viva Live Music won’t let you down

This is proof that Viva Live Music and our musicians won’t let you down. This is our latest Case study, and one that demonstrates that there are heroes and heroines who work for Viva Live Music, to ensure your event goes well.

We were delighted to arrange the live musical entertainment at the fabulous Middle Temple, to celebrate an anniversary. The client chose our fabulous Soul Cover Band who worked with the client to create two sets of soul cover music to fit with their vision of the night. The band comprise of 5 professional musicians who are rapidly gaining a reputation for a combination of outstanding live musical performance and reliability. Hence Viva being totally sure they were the band for this event.

The band were due to arrive 2 1/2 hours before the start time of the event, to give plenty of time to set up the instruments and equipment, and do a detailed sound check. Viva’s creative director, Susan was on site as well, to ensure the event went well.

A mile and a half before Middle Temple; in Parliament Square, the worst possible thing happened: the clutch went on the NEW band van. In normal circumstances and because they were early, this would still be okay, but the problem was that London was at a complete standstill due to the PRIDE March, although it wasn’t going through Parliament Square. They band were unable to get an AA van to them, to repair the fault. They tried in vain to either stop or book a taxi or mini cab, again because the traffic was at a complete standstill.

Susan was being kept in touch with developments and she actually briefed the security guard at Middle Temple, to ensure they could come in quickly. However, nothing seemed to be happening. The band weren’t able to get themselves or their equipment to the hall due to the traffic.

Then one of the band members had a brainwave: there was a fruit and vegetable van in the traffic jam. He asked the driver if it would be possible to drive the band and the equipment to Middle Temple Рremember 1  1/2 miles away. He agreed and the security people at Middle Temple let the van with the band in. They arrived at 6.50pm.

The band, with Susan, very quickly set up all of the equipment, but they were unable to do a sound check before the guests went into the hall. Susan made the professional decision to wait until after they started, to do the sound check, since it would be interrupting the dinner and also the after dinner entertainment from 3 opera singers. We have all been at events where the band starts doing a sound check “One Two, One Two” during dinner, or even worse, when other entertainment is taking place, like we had a couple of weeks ago when some of our singers were ¬†performing.

The band were more than happy to do this: they fully understood this was the best option. But even before they performed at 10.30pm, they had to find ways of getting back home; arranging for the van to be towed home and somewhere to sleep for the night. Given that PRIDE had brought London to a complete standstill this was a challenge. There were no hotel spaces and so they had to negotiate with friends. But they arranged this all before they went on stage.

A combined sound check DURING the first song, with Susan checking from the hall for the balance, led to 90 minutes of guests dancing a long to favourite soul songs. It was a night of sheer joy for the guests and the client. Interestingly one of the other suppliers commented that the sound levels and balance was excellent without knowing the story behind this.

But above all, this story has been shared with other business people. It is already being used as an example of how important selecting reliable suppliers in whatever business you are in. There are, I am afraid, bands and agents who would have given up when the van and traffic let them down, but neither the band nor Viva Live Music were going to spoil a wonderful night for the client and went the extra mile to ensure it was enjoyable.

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