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A Tudor Experience at the Old Palace Hatfield

We were delighted to host a Tudor Experience for 250 international guests at the Old Palace Hatfield. It proved to be a truly memorable night for the guests, with many sharing their thanks and experiences straight away!

The Guests were greeted from their coaches, by musicians who led them up to the Palace Green. They were treated to a fire eating display from our outstanding Jesters, who were at the banquet for the entire evening.

The guests then entered the beautiful Old Palace where an “Instant Holbein” artiste took photographs of the guests.

They were also able to have their “instant portraits” taken in “costume!

The guests were then treated to the first views of the magnificent Old Palace. It really is breathtaking the first time you enter the hall.

Guests were able to mix and mingle whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the hall and the background music from our musicians.


The jesters mixed and mingled with guests as they arrived in the hall; one was a stilt walker, the other performed juggling tricks. During the evening, they interacted with guests and each jester performed a featured entertainment “Slot”. This involved an escape trick and juggling daggers over a guest (eek) – don’t worry, it was completely safe and all of the guests were totally engaged!

The guests were introduced to Henry VIII and his wife Anne Boleyn and his court. Live musicians played background music throughout the evening to provide an additional experience. Some of the instruments had unique sounds and many of the guests were mesmerised by their look and sound.

Watch Henry and Anne Dancing, accompanied by our wonderful musicians.


Between courses, there were games; songs; Jester features; A DANCE – yes the guests danced, and a community sing along.

Watch a short video with the guests seeing the entertainment:

Before the guests were introduced to Henry, they were taught the rules at court and he mixed and mingled with guests to ensure they all had photos.

As one of the guests told me as he left “This was a life changing experience”; the evening provided all of the delegates with a truly memorable evening.

Contact us if you would like to discuss having a Tudor Experience at Hatfield House or another venue.

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