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Themed events

Themed events are a popular way to create a unique and memorable occasion for guests and to promote your company. As we often create themed entertainment for clients, we are are in the right position to see what works at such events.

Two Bugsy Malone Dance Girls

Recently the Viva Team attended a ‘themed’ event which amounted to someone waiting at the entrance in a questionable costume to take ‘selfies’ with the guests; a couple of plastic ‘blossom’ trees and a couple of tea cups on a poser table. This was an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. What a shame! For the price of hiring the plastic trees I’m sure there could have been more exciting editions; and the catering could have been themed as could the playlist by the DJ.. Instead it was neither a themed event or a ‘straight/normal’ one.

Opera Duo

Only last week I spoke to a very high powered corporate events manager who said that half hearted attempts at theming events are ‘meaningless’ – her words not mine! But it does show that if you are going down the theming route, that it must be a positive experience for the guests.

Santa Babes with Santa in his grotto

So here are my top tips for a successful themed event.

  1. Know your budget available for the theming. Are you able to stretch the budget by choosing a venue that is ‘themed’ (for example an Historical building or one that has some decor that the theme lends itself to).
  2. Work with the catering company to see how they could theme the food and drink. Using appropriate ingredients; serving food in a particular way; naming the dishes in ‘themed’ ways all help with the ambience of the event. For some of our themed packages we include costumes for the waitresses to add to the theming! See our happy wench below!

003 A helpful Wench

3. Choose your venue with wisdom: if you are wanting to do a medieval or historical themed event, it’s going to be more tricky in an ultra-modern venue. If you are going for an Historical style theme and you choose an older venue, have a chat with the event planner because they might have some great ideas and furniture that could be used as part of the venue hire package.

4. Lighting really helps create a theme: whether it is good old LED magenta lighting or something more sophisticated like a table full of candles (but do check the H & S).

Dickens Christmas

5. Of course the entertainment needs to be carefully chosen! If you are going down the DJ route down to a budget restriction, ensure the playlist is very cleverly chosen to reflect the theme, not the DJs tastes. If you are having live entertainment, check what they will wear, what their play lists are and other ideas they might have to bring the theme to life.

6. Know your guest expectation. Are they coming to have fun? Are they coming to network? Will they feel comfortable within a themed event? Bear this in mind when planning your event. In particular if people are there to network, ensure the sound levels are such that they can chat to each other!

7. Finally, consider what you or your company are wanting to get out of the event. Are you wanting to promote your company? Say thank you to high value clients? Or even engage with new clients? Bear this in mind when you plan your event.

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