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Spooky Halloween Songs

Halloween is a CAMP; it’s fun; it’s also time to enjoy Spooky Halloween Songs to complete your party. Here are our favourites, here at Viva Towers.


Ghostbusters: an all time favourite – everyone shouts “Ghostbusters” and there are plenty of costume possibilities:

Thriller: the dance alone is worth its inclusion: watch the video. It is also a great number to teach and get all the guests doing ghoul dancing!

Rocker Zombie Dancer

Monster mash. A classic! Plenty of possibilities for scary ghoul dances and vocals.


The Adams Family theme tune. Perfect for people that want to do the Zombie dance vibe or those who can click their fingers in time.

There’s a ghost in my house. NO ONE IN MY TEAM KNEW THIS. I couldn’t believe it. Perhaps it was my slight dabble in Northern Soul, but the video alone is worth watching for its camp overtones and the song is great.

Finally, many DJs include The Specials Ghost Town as a Halloween song. Strictly it isn’t a Halloween song, as The Specials are singing about a deserted town where there are no jobs. However, its a great song to include. Do watch the original video.

You can’t do wrong with the Rocky Horror show. We have delivered Rocky Horror themed featured entertainment for guests.

The Rocky Horror theme goes down really well with all ages!

Do you have any Spooky Halloween song favourites I’ve not included? Whether you want featured entertainment with singers and dancers, or to have a Karaoke Halloween ‘Howl’ both will be hugely popular!!

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