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Site Visits lead to excellent results

In order to ensure our services are delivered to an outstanding standard, preparation including site visits ensure the client is happy; the musicians know exactly what to do when they arrive and that we deliver excellent results.

Beautiful house

Recently we were asked to provide live background music for an event at a private estate in the South of England. We believe our service includes ensuring everything runs smoothly so the client and musicians are happy. Unlike many entertainment ‘agencies’ we don’t just fix the musicians then leave the client to sort them out: we realise that finding out as much information as possible is crucial ┬áto the success of an event.

In the case of this private event, there were pre-lunch drinks outside in the beautiful gardens. Although I provided a technical specification, I felt it was important to recce the gardens to check where the musicians would be located; to see how easy it would be to have the power required; to introduce myself to the Estate Manager and to check that there would be shade for the performers to be located. (The weather forecast was for very hot sunny weather).

Information for the musicians

I believe providing as much information as possible is key to the success. So I took photos of the location, so the musicians would have as much information as possible, as well as them having the phone number of the event manager and the Estate Manager. I realised that both could be busy when the musicians arrived, so taking photos was useful.

It became apparent that the power wouldn’t be set up before the event; instead a lead would run from an outhouse. I was given the security lock details for the musicians so they could set up if the Estate Manager was involved in something else. (I know he was due to be organising the parking for the guests). We also worked out where the musicians should park to unload – avoiding disruption to the event; and where to stand, so they were in the shade.

Information for the musicians

Had I not conducted a pre-event recce, there was a possibility that the musicians wouldn’t ┬áhave known where to go; where the power lead was and they would be wandering around. This didn’t happen and of course the client wanted the service we provided to be delivered smoothly – and this is what we delivered.

Speaking to event managers and planners, one of their pet hates are entertainers who either aren’t prepared or who don’t know enough information about an event. This is not the case with any service that Viva Live Music provides: the entertainers have a significant amount of information so they are prepared before an event.

The client was delighted and said “The duo were perfect for what we wanted. They added something extra to the drinks reception and we were very pleased. Thank you very much”.

Site visits might appear to be over the top, but if it ensures excellent results and happy clients, then it is more than worth the time!

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