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Santa Costumes to the rescue!

We always love doing the Christmas entertainment for events. And so when the first Christmas event is at the end of November, we can’t help but be excited. This booking was for 2 Singing Santas who would be singing carols with a brass band, then singing with backing tracks: encouraging guests to sing along after dinner.

This sort of entertainment takes some organisation to ensure everything is in place:

  • the backing track to be mixed and distributed to the singers and the client for rehearsing
  • Liaising with the client about timings
  • Liaising with the brass band about the carols to sing and the keys
  • Double checking timings
  • Checking the costumes
  • Sending the costumes to the singers (it was the first in the season so they didn’t have them)

All had been completed but I was concerned that the costumes sent first class, special delivery to the singers had not arrived. I kept checking the tracker on the Royal Mail website but it was ‘still being processed’ – which in long hand means “We haven’t a clue where the package is”. Given that the parcel was already over a week late I was getting worried and of course didn’t want to let down the client.

By Thursday, we had lost hope of the costumes showing up, and having been in Yorkshire working, I decided to get duplicate costumes, just in case. Due to Black Friday, no online shop was available to send out costumes in time, so I had to arrange for my assistant to purchase costumes from a company in London, and to make a Santa babe costume. This we did on Friday morning, and delivered the duplicate costumes to the event planner’s office on Friday afternoon.

We then discovered the costumes were delivered to the singers at 5.45pm on Friday evening…

We were just DELIGHTED that the costumes were available for the singers to use, and yes, we went the extra mile to ensure everything worked for the client.

The whole event was a great success and the client emailed to day with this message:

“Thank you for supplying the Santa Singers both whom had exceptional voices and performed to a very high and professional standard. Singing with the client was fantastic and worked very well and there 3 solo songs were great with the crowd interacting, singing and cheering. I have only positive feedback, they were great. Thank you as always xxx”

We’re absolutely THRILLED everything went well. If you would like to book the Santa Singers or other Christmas entertainment, call us on 08000938464 or contact us

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