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We are proud to be a boutique bespoke service

We are proud to be a boutique, bespoke service. Why? Surely bigger is better? Well no, not necessarily. It has always been Viva Live Music’s decision to focus on high quality customer care as well as working with exceptional musicians and entertainers whom we know.

We are often asked if we will organise acrobats, jugglers, jousters etc. And why we don’t have 1000s of musicians on our books. Well here is the answer; we want to ensure we know our suppliers, and that we can recommend any of our entertainers 100% to our clients. That their professionalism, such as how they deal with the client on the day as well as their performing abilities. Like any good business, we want to ensure the quality of our service and that of our entertainers is of an exceptional quality.

With due respect, we would struggle to be able to get to know very entertainer and be able to trust them as well as guarantee the quality of their work, if we had 11,000 people on our books. Other businesses have decided to go down the route of what we call the “Tesco” database of entertainers, and that is absolutely fine, however, we know this doesn’t work for our business model or our clients’ expectation of service they receive from us.

We also made the decision to focus exclusively on live music, production and dance/acting related entertainment. Why? Because we are hugely experienced in this, and this experience, expertise and talent is what we are offering our clients as peace of mind. We want our clients to experience the BEST customer experience from start to finish, and being specialists in this area, we are able to do this. Instead of sending out entertainers and not being involved in the operational side, we anticipate that snags and will double check with the client and venue beforehand, so ensure everything runs smoothly: because we are experts at it. Why would we want to spread our expertise thin???

We are proud to be live music and theatrical entertainment specialists and our growing number of clients continue to believe this too. There are huge benefits to working with a supplier who DOESN’T have a database of 11,000 acts. If you would like to discuss your event with us, call +44 800 0938464 or Contact us

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