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Bond Themed Entertainment

Gold finger dance girl

Bonded themed entertainment never fails to impress guests. Not only do we have gorgeous Bond girls who dance to the iconic theme tunes, but a sophisticated band who play music from the classic Bond era of the 1960s and 70s. And no Bond band is complete without a gorgeous female singer, belting out “Gold Finger”, ‘Diamonds are forever” and other memorable songs.


A casino with lovely croupiers allow wannabe James Bonds and Bond girls play with ‘toy’ money! We also offer mix and mingle artistes – who are Bond Villains and Bond girls; mix and mingle magicians and even interactive Code Breaking Spy activities as icebreakers!

Listen to our fabulous “Bond Girl’ Singer performing.

Our gorgeous female singer performs a variety of Bond themed tunes, either with backing tracks or with a 60s style jazz band.

Alternatively, we could arrange a James Bond look alike singer, with Bond Girl singer.

Bond Themed Charity Event

Above: a Bond themed Charity event, where we had Bond Girls, a Casino, Band and singers.

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