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Music for Romance

Oh; it’s that time of the year when plenty of people are thinking about romance. Mr Viva is starting to plan his annual treasure hunt where he leaves clues about romantic times he’s had with me. I have to look for clues and then there is a prize (normally champagne or chocolates) at the end. Mr Viva creates a backing track of music, that means a lot to us both whilst I do the treasure hunt. It’s great fun and helps us remember some wonderful times we’ve shared together.


The music in my treasure hunt is so important because our memories are stimulated by music that means a lot to us. And music, whether it is live background or featured music, or recorded music, plays a major part in creating a romantic atmosphere.

If you are wishing to create a romantic atmosphere: either privately for your partner; at a venue or club, here are some great ideas.

Romantic Tenor Serenades

Serenading a loved one: either by playing a guitar, violin or singing is a most Romantic gesture. We have had a number of requests in the past, where a musician or singer has played and then THE QUESTION has been asked! With proposals being a really important part of romance, and one that will be remembered in future, it’s worthwhile spending time planning this and adding music to the occasion.

solo violinist2

Violinists are traditionally used for serenading and if you have a restaurant, they are perfect because they are able to move from table to table, serenading.

Singing Harpist

Another lovely option is a singer/harpist who will accompany herself singing. It is such a romantic sound.


If your loved one is a fan of jazz or groovy music, you could have a couple of musicians playing background music and at the key moment, they could come and serenade your table. Another option might be a flashmob with singers or dancers who surprise your loved one before you propose.

engagement ring with red hearts

Whatever your plans, we hope your St Valentine’s Night is truly memorable.

Whatever you choose, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want any assistance.

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