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Memorable 18th Birthday Parties

Over the last week, Viva Live Music have been privileged to host two talented sixth form boys from St Columba’s College in St Albans. As one of their tasks, I asked the boys to share ideas for a memorable 18th Birthday party. Here Dominic Lowth shares his top tips.

Plan the 18th Birthday Party with Viva Live Music that will be remembered by all your friends.

(…for the right reasons)

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There are two things that have to be got right when planning your big 18th birthday bash: having a good idea, and making that idea reality. Viva Live Music are experts in both, and will stop at nothing to ensure that you get the party you and your friends deserve, and will remember for years afterwards.

Here are some ideas and themes for your big day (or night) which we know for a fact will blow the roof off the place – in the most fashionable and fun way imaginable. We’ll even organise it for you.



Festival theme. All the talk this summer has been about festivals. All the talk last summer was about festivals too… We’ve noticed a trend. Why not make your 18th party original and cooler than any other by going with a festival theme. Viva Live Music can help you incorporate all the most-loved elements of UK festivals into your party this year. Have little popup bars stationed around the outdoor venue, tents to dance in and tents to crash in… and, of course, a band to play the best music from all of the famous ‘festival bands’. Our hugely popular party band are endlessly versatile, playing whatever you want, and play at a professional standard. You and your mates will feel like you’re at Glasto in no time.

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Film characters theme. Oh no, not another ‘let’s all dress up in themed costumes’ party. Well it might be, but none of your guests will have done it before, and if they have been to something similar it won’t be anywhere near as good as the event Viva Live Music can organise for you. With all your friends dressed up as their favourite film icons, and our band pumping out all the Hollywood hits, everyone there is bound to have a great time. As with the festival theme above, your guests will want a DJ to lead the jumping after a while. We get that, don’t you worry. Your Daniel Craigs will want to take their bow ties off; your Clint Eastwoods will want to lose the hats eventually. Our party band can step off the stage and the DJ can take over.


Hollywood/Black and white theme. Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit classier when you turn 18… after all, you’re an adult now! We’ll lay down a red carpet for your guests to walk down, and get the party band on stage to play all your favourite classics. Have the guys in black suits and white shirts, and the girls equally dressed up. When it gets later, take your ties off (boys) and heels off (girls), and let the DJ take you into your nearest Hollywood actors’ after party.

Those were just three examples of the sorts of exciting and memorable 18th birthday parties that Viva Live Music can plan and organise for you and your guests. Together with options such as cocktail mixing bars, adult face painting and photo booths, there is absolutely no chance that your party will be forgotten as ‘just another 18th’. We have the experience in events organisation to make your event a genuinely life-changing experience.


By Dominic Lowth (intern at Viva Live Music)

I am a 17 year old student, living in St. Albans. My main passion is writing, and enjoy all opportunities to develop my writing style and versatility. I also love listening to, and performing music, and I do a lot of swimming and cycling when I can. If you’re interested, I am currently running an online blog with my friend, which I post an article on every other week, and for which I worked on the design and layout.


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