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London Cocktail Week

Hey! It’s London Cocktail Week! I only discovered yesterday when I was in London. I saw the sign below and it inspired me to look out some great cocktail recipes, for those that aren’t able to come to central London to join in the fun.

London Cocktail Week

Kir Royale was a real favourite of the Sloanes and Ra Ras at my university. Easy to do; just put a small amount of Cassis into a glass (probably the same amount as ribena) and fill the glass with bubbly white wine: Cava, Champagne or Prosecco. Et voila! Another quick favourite is Bucks Fizz: no, not a cheesy 80s band but a fun drink. Fill  half a champagne glass with bubbly white wine, and add orange juice.

Two cocktails I regularly use from the wonderful Nigella Lawson are Green Apple Martini, and Ginger Pom. For the Green Apple martini: you have 1 shot of vodka or gin, 1 shot of sour apple liqueur and 1/2 shot or Nonin Green apple syrup. Mix together and add a slice of a tart green dessert apple.

My version of Ginger Pom adds alcohol: 1 shot Pama pomegranate liqueur, 1 shot vodka, 2 shots of ginger ale and pomegranate juice, Mix together and add ice cubes.

In the Autumn I always make flavoured gin and vodka for those cold dark nights and Christmas presents. Hits have included Blackberry and Apple Gin, Blackberry brandy, Sloe Gin (of course), Damson Gin, and in the Spring Elderflower Gin (which was okay but not as stunning as the others). In addition to this I do a mean limoncello and chilli vodka! All of gins and vodkas are best served with tonic water!

Cocktail maker

However, my amateur cocktail making is NOTHING like the cocktail geniuses that will be present at the Cocktail week. These companies combine a variety of flavours, and your taste buds are challenged with sweet, sour, salty and MORE.

Cocktail table

Below is a table set for cocktail tasting; this is no longer a Tom Cruise style cocktail maker providing a theatrical performance, but you the taster being directed in the combination of flavours. You might be given a small glass with a cocktail in, then have a foam squirted onto your tongue to challenge your taste buds. It’s great fun and so memorable.

So if you are in the Covent Garden area, don’t forget to catch the London Cocktail Week. If you have any great recipes, don’t forget to share them.

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