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Live Music is good for the SOUL

Here at Viva Live Music we were delighted that a recent survey confirmed Live Music is good for the SOUL.

A survey conducted by the Royal Albert Hall – where there is a programme of amazing live music performances, revealed that two thirds of respondents (2,000 people were asked), said they felt happier and more stimulated when listening to live performances. What’s more 68% felt more sociable and 59% felt more engaged (whatever that means).

Of course anyone who is involved in live music, knows the value and benefits of having live music and musicians performing: whether it be in concerts or at events. There is something very special about seeing and hearing live music; you can watch the musicians, you feel the music in your bones – literally, and you can sing or dance along with them. You feel involved in the performance, and any good performer: musician, singer, dancer or actor, will tell you that the response and participation from the audience impacts on the quality of their performance.

SO: for live musical performances, the audience – THAT IS YOU is part of the whole deal! No wonder people feel much happier when they listen to live performances; they are participating!

As a company that arranges live musical entertainment for events, we know what an impact live music makes on an event. Guests always love live music because they feel special; they feel involved; they can watch the musicians as well as listen to them; they can ask the musicians questions. WOW!

Occasionally we have enquiries who decide to “Go with an iPod” because they don’t have the budget for a live musician, or they believe a musician will be “Too Expensive”.

BELIEVE ME: there are plenty of live music options that are very good value and affordable, yet they bring SO MUCH MORE to an event. When you have a live music option FROM £297 + VAT, this is not a major investment in a budget!

If you would like to discuss how Live Music transforms your event, give us a call on +800 0938464 or Contact us. Find out how we help you transform your event with live music and make 75% your guests HAPPY STRAIGHT AWAY!


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