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The key times for live musical entertainment at your wedding

Having live musicians at your wedding creates a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests. Viva Live Music are a leading supplier of live musical entertainment for events including weddings and we are always delighted to share our experience and expertise with our clients.

Red Beautiful Rose On Piano Keyboard.

One question we are often asked is when are the best times to use live music during your wedding. Here are some great tips to use.

The wedding ceremony. This could be a church service or civil ceremony. It is lovely if live music is playing as guests arrive before the ceremony. Not only is it welcoming for guests as they arrive that there is music playing but there is something other than looking at what everyone else is wearing, to entertain guests. As the bride arrives, the musicians could play a ‘welcoming’ piece, and of course when the bridal couple and guests leave, having music playing makes the occasion very special. In addition to this, any wedding ceremony has a signing of the register where the ‘main players’ are away from the guests. The guests could be entertained with a singer, string quartet or other instruments to play special music.

The knot garden

The pre-dinner drinks reception. As guests arrive at a venue before the wedding breakfast, there is normally a ‘pre-dinners’ drink reception. Not only is this a great time for the bridal couple and their families to welcome everyone to the wedding, but also a chance for all the wedding photographs to be taken. This is the perfect time to have a live musician or musicians to play background music, to make the occasion into a truly special event. Clients love a variety of options, including a harp, saxophone, string quartet, jazz trio….

During the wedding breakfast. It is special to have background music playing as guests are eating. At my own wedding we booked a string quartet and I still remember the amazing atmosphere: something that wouldn’t have been there if we’d used recorded music. A lot of bridal couples choose to have the same musicians move from the reception area into the dining area, so there is an easy transition from one room to another with a continuity of music.

Surprise Guests

However, many couples choose to have featured entertainment during the meal – between courses. This could be a singer, surprise singing guests or even a flashmob with our music theatre singers. If you have excellent entertainers, they will interact with the guests and get them involved to make it great fun.

The evening entertainment. All of the guests are wanting a proper ‘knees up’ for the evening part of the wedding. Whether you are looking for a great band to play, to get everyone dancing, or to create a ceilidh with a caller, where everyone – all ages, joins in the fun of dancing folk dances, this is the perfect ending to a special day.


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