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Jazz Fusion for a memorable Conference Gala Dinner

Viva Live Music recommended our Jazz Fusion band for a memorable conference Gala Dinner in Manchester. And what’s more, the client and the guests were THRILLED!


The event was a two day conference in Manchester where 200 international delegates stayed on site. After the first day, there was a gala dinner, with a short award ceremony after the dinner. The band were there to provide featured/background entertainment after that.

Listen to the band performing:

As the bar was next to the banqueting hall, it was a natural process that many of the guests would go into the bar to socialise and the band would provide live background music. There were, of course, other guests who would stay in the banqueting hall to chat and enjoy the music.

Jazz fusion

The band and Viva Live Music worked hard to create a playlist that would appeal to the guests. We discussed at length with the client, the profile of the guests to ensure the playlist was ‘right’ for the evening. In this instance the guests were predominantly male and over 50; they were international too. Within the planning of the music, we also wanted to ‘build up’ the energy levels. Since the band weren’t playing background during the dinner, we were aware they had to make an impact from the word go!

Jazz Fusion

We also wanted to ensure the band was great to watch; and our professional musicians didn’t fail to entertain! It is no co-incidence that we had a female lead singer, because we knew this would appeal to the predominantly male audience. She was gorgeous, with a fabulous voice; and was great with engaging the guests.

Jazz Fusion

The band comprised of leading musicians, who also tour with some of the big British acts.

Jazz Fusion

There was plenty for the guests to see: it is wonderful watching a bass player; a saxophonist – and certainly the drummer perform.

At the end of the evening, half of the guests were still in the banqueting hall, enthralled by the band. Some were up dancing – even though there wasn’t a dance floor and many others were dancing (shyly) on their chairs. “This is the best band we’ve ever had” was our client’s first comment. We were delighted to have fulfilled the brief!

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