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International Men’s Day – Aidan Bell

As part of our International Men’s Day celebrations, we are featuring some of the amazing talent working for Viva Live Music. Aidan works with Viva Live Music, both as a performer and creating backing tracks for the cabaret singers. Aidan has had a distinguished career as a music theatre specialist and we are hugely grateful for his artistic input.

Tell us about what you do.


I’m now 53 and have worked in “The business” all my life, primarily and for the most part as a singer/performer in musical theater and corporate, but in recent years I’ve also produced and directed; I video productions, creating DVDs; and I have a small home recording studio. I am also now pursuing composition, again in the field of musical theater.

How long have you been working in the industry?

All my life. I was apparently performing puppet shows from behind the couch, at the age of five! I was obsessed with drama and acting while at school, went on to study theater, and began working at the age of 16.

What sort of events and venues do you work at?

 It’s very much a “take whatever job you can find” kind of existence. I’m happiest when performing musically on stage, and these days also developing music in a studio. But my work has and does include TV commercials, voiceover, presentation, film, television, cruise, Cabaret… you name it, I’ve probably done it!



What are the highlights from your career so far?

I guess my two favorite jobs would probably be “Monarchy – The Musical” in New Zealand in 2007, and my two years in the European bus-and-truck tour of the musical “Hair” in the late 1980s. Other highlights have included performing for 25,000 people at the open air “DonauFest” festival in Austria and playing an Orc in the third “Lord Of The Rings” movie, as well as working with great artists including Brian May, Ken Dodd, Richard O’Brien, and Christopher Lee.

What are your plans for the next five years?

In this business one has to be extremely lucky to be able to plan. The last few years have been “quiet”, so if I have a plan then perhaps it is to increase the workload, but otherwise it’s just go on doing what I love.

Aidan is one of our Cabaret Singers where we create a mash up of favourite music theatre songs as an after dinner entertainment slot. For more details or to book him contact us.

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