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Hug a Drummer Day!

Today is Hug a Drummer Day. Believe it or not! Drummers are the intense introverts hiding at the back of a band. They don’t get the attention of the preening ‘front men’ like Freddie Mercury or the milking of the audience cheers from guitarists such as Brian May, Jack White or even Jimmi Hendrix, yet they are an integral part of of any band line up.

Enjoy Animal from the Muppets in a drumming duel.

I always love watching bands; the different instrumentalists – and singers, all have different characters, and usually they fall into stereotypical behaviour. One of the challenges for drummers is, of course, that they are sitting down (others are usually standing), they are hidden behind large drumming kits and more recently, behind screens for the sound. They don’t have the chance to make a ‘solo mark’ in the same way as the other band members.

Jazz Band

But wait until they have a solo; there are occasions when you believe they will NEVER FINISH!! But it is a great way to showcase their talent – if the other band members will allow them! With a flourish, dexterity and playing with the tempo and volume, they FINALLY get the attention they deserve.


We have some great drummers here at Viva Live Music; within our jazz and cover bands, but also solo drummers/percussionists who play live, along with a DJ. This is a great way to add a live element to a DJ’s set. The drums of preference are bongos. I have no idea why!! But they sound great and visually are brilliant for live events.


But what we should remember more than anything else is that at the beginning of any song, the entire band looks back at the drummer and he sets the tempo. AND at the end, they get their cue to finish FROM HIM! A great drummer will even do the last beat as a solo!!!

So when you think about a band, don’t forget about the drummer, and if you have a chance, make sure you hug him!

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