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Entertainment in courtyards

It is time to start preparing for the warmer weather, and many Summer receptions and events take place in exquisite courtyards and gardens. It is a great way to increase the space for your guests as well as well as providing them with a wonderful experience.

The wonderful courtyard at Dartmouth House, Mayfair

We are often asked to suggest great entertainment for such events: it adds to the ambience of an event and particularly if it is a special celebration or occasion, it is lovely for the courtyard to ‘sing out’ with music.

The acoustics of these courtyards are unique: magical; because the walls surrounding the courtyard help with projecting the sound, acoustic instruments work particularly well here – particularly for background music. Here are some suggestions of entertainment you could use:

acoustic singer guitarist

Our wonderful acoustic singer guitarist. Not only is he a brilliant young talent, but he will add a fresh, ‘festival’ feel to the event. He performs all the favourite hits singing whilst playing the guitar. He can mix and mingle, or be in one location. A cutting edge performer.

Leanne Saxophonist

For a minimalist jazz vibe, choose our solo saxophonist: who will play all the classic jazz hits and adding to a sophisticated atmosphere. She’s young, she’s pretty and uber talented! Playing classic jazz songs from the American Song Book.

Jazz Band

A Jazz band is a great option for outdoors. This is a photo from the opening of Center Parcs in Bedfordshire. It is a great way to add a genuine energy to an event. The sound outside is particularly exciting!


One of our most popular and versatile musicians is our accordion player. She has a wide variety of musical styles from French, Irish, Folk etc. As this is an acoustic instrument she can move around and the sound and the instrument never fail to thrill guests!

Acoustic Duo 2

Wow! Our fabulous acoustic duo are a hip duo who perform arrangements of current and popular songs. They are perfect for either background or featured entertainment.

string duo 2

String duos, trios and quartets are are really classy option for outdoor events. Do you know people behave better and drink less when string musicians play – for some reason!! They sound lovely and there is nothing wrong with class!

Folk Fiddle Player

Folk music: whether this is a single folk musician or ceilidh band. It is such an exciting musical option and I challenge anyone NOT to tap their toes to this music.

Ceilidh band at 4th July Event

A cool band whether it is a vintage or cover band is a great option for bigger events. This has a festival vibe – even if there are only 50 guests! This is more feature although the band will work with you to provide background and raise the energy levels as the event progresses.

These are all GREAT ideas and we have other entertainment too. Before you choose, consider the following things:

  • Are there any sound restrictions – e.g. decibel levels you need to be aware of
  • Timing restrictions – some venues won’t allow outdoor events after a particular time
  • Where can the musicians access power?
  • Whenever electricity is used, it needs to be covered in the case of rain for safety
  • The acoustic instruments – harp or string musicians need to be out of direct sunlight to avoid their instruments being damaged
  • The acoustic instruments also need to be kept out of wet surroundings, so we do recommend they are under a canopy
  • We live in the United Kingdom, so easy access to a room next to the courtyard is great – in case it rains.

Do give us a call on 0800 0938 464 or contact us to discuss your summer outdoor parties.

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