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Emergency! Viva Live Music to the rescue.

Occasionally mistakes are made in the event planning process; there might be a last minute change of venue, a change of date, changes in timings etc. This is part of the business and using a company like Viva Live Music as a key supplier for live entertainment, means that last minute changes and emergencies are dealt with in a professional manner – and take the stress from the event planner.


Fire Brigade

In the ten years we have been running Viva Live Music, we have built a reputation for reliability and anticipating potential challenges before an event, as well as to being flexible and adapting to specific challenges on the day. That is one of the reasons why we’ve developed our booking system, to double check all of the details. However, very occasionally there has been a last minute challenge and we have been delighted to support our clients to ensure the event goes ahead smoothly. Here are three examples:

Change of wedding venue 12 hours before the wedding: I would say this is a bride’s worst nightmare, and tragically this happened. Fortunately for her, she had employed an event planner to co-ordinate the day. I received the phone call from the planner less than 12 hours before the event. The venue was completely different, so the technical specification was completely different. I contacted the new venue to see if I could see it, to advise the musicians, but it wasn’t possible. I managed to get some key information and was able to provide as much advice as possible for the musicians so they were very well prepared. On the day, I kept in close contact with the musicians to see if I would need to deliver some additional sound equipment but it wasn’t required. The wedding ran very smoothly and we were delighted that other than the change of venue, the bride didn’t notice any of the stress behind the scenes!

Extreme weather forecast before an important event: We were providing a full programme of live entertainment at an exclusive rural venue. It was quite cut off and the area could get flooded. I noticed a future extreme weather forecast in the area and created an extreme weather plan to avoid the musicians not being able to get to the venue or being stranded. This included giving alternative travel plans for the musicians, and the provision of accommodation for the artistes the night before and the night of the event if required. Not only did this re-assure the client that the event would run smoothly but it made the artistes feel more confident about travelling there. In the end, the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted, but we avoided the ‘worst possible scenario’.

Change of date of an event: Another emergency we had to deal with was an event where the client had given the wrong date: out by 5 months! He had been reluctant to send back our booking form. I called him about another event, and asked him about the other event. ‘But it’s next week’. Eek! He understandably was very apologetic; I reassured him that this was now my problem, and re-booked the musician for the earlier date! “I’ll sleep well tonight” was my client’s response!

Roadworks outside the venue: Another wedding emergency was caused by roadworks outside the venue. We check this for artistes transporting equipment to a venue, and in this case we had informed our artistes and entertainers of this. However, the hummer company that were driving the bride to the wedding had not checked this, and he and the bride were seriously delayed. In fact the registrar was just about to leave the venue to go to his next wedding ceremony when she arrived. From Viva Live Music’s perspective, the musicians that were already there, set up moved to the pre-wedding reception area and started playing, to provide background entertainment for the waiting guests. We felt terribly sorry for the bride who was breathless when she arrived, but the guests were none the wiser.

The end results were great successes for the clients. As we are experienced in organising live music, we are able to anticipate potential challenges and to provide additional support to ensure an event runs smoothly. This is re-assuring for event managers and clients. You might pay a little more for this service, than you would from finding a random musician on the internet, but it isn’t until there is an emergency, that the full value of our exceptional service is shown. So remember: if you have an emergency: Viva Live Music IS to the rescue!

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