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Dealing with last minute snags

There are occasions when there are last minute snags that need dealing with. They are challenges that could not be foreseen and even with the best planning and preparation. It is how the events team, including the suppliers, deal with these last minute set backs that make or break an event running smoothly.

Here at Viva Live Music, we factor into our timings and preparation, any potential snags, and also ensure we have experienced and professional entertainers working on site, who are helpful and flexible, making it easier for the rest of the events team. We actually have a NO DIVA STROP policy at Viva: the only person who is allowed to be a diva is the client!

We were fortunate enough to perform on Sunday at the lovely Bletchley Park – home of the code breakers, as part of their live music in the park series. The programme, performed by two operatic crossover singers, was the last of the series.

The team, including myself, arrived an hour before the performance start time. And there was no power for the stage. It was just one of those things. It had been checked the night before, but for some reason, there was an electric trip on one area of the park, including the power for the staging. It was one of those things that happen when you are in events.

here is a short VLOG I quickly filmed whilst this was being sorted out.

In the VLOG, I explain that both the venue and Viva Live Music were fully prepared. There had been a site visit before the event: we had established the unloading area, an alternative performing location if it was raining and any specific equipment we needed to bring. Also the performers were on hand very early. AND the team from Bletchley Park were WONDERFUL, working so hard to get the problem fixed!

I am very pleased this was the case. In situations like this, everyone is focused on getting the job done and any problems fixed with minimal stress and panic. Sadly some musicians have a reputation for being unhelpful and ‘hissy’ when situations like this occur – but we don’t work with entertainers like this. In fact, the team had brought additional equipment and some of the Viva equipment saved the day as an extension lead from the venue was tripping the circuit for some reason. And no problem – because everything was solved before the performance started. And I don’t believe it was the fault of the swan and her goslings!

I was very proud that as we had already done lots of preparation – site visit, planning equipment and tech spec, we were fully prepared and were able to work with the venue to ensure the entertainment was as planned. And yes, it was a great success with lots of people enjoying the surroundings and the music!

If you would like to discuss your event – whether it is an outdoor event or indoor, we would be delighted to speak to you. Please contact us or call 08000938464.

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