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Creativity from Early Music Specialist Lizzie

To celebrate the extraordinary female talent here at Viva Live Music, and International Women’s Day, we are showcasing some of our amazing female artistes and talent. Today, I am delighted to feature leading Early Music specialist Lizzie Gutteridge who demonstrates her passion for Early Music and her creativity to bring this music alive for the many many people who attend live events she performs at.

What made you decide to go into the music profession?
There was never any question of doing anything else. I always new I wanted to spend my life playing music. All that was left to figure out was what type to play and how to make a living at it. Being a musician is a very important part of my identity and when I have spent time away from it, for example on a gap year, I’ve never felt settled.
What sort of events do you do (and venues)? And what sort of instruments do you play?
I specialise Medieval and Renaissance music, both in and out of costume. I have an ever growing collection of instruments including fiddles, shawms (ancestor to the oboe), curtals (ancestor to the bassoon), bagpipes & recorders. I do anything from formal “classical” concerts through theatre work to reenactments of street processions, Medieval fairs and banquets. My latest project, called “Consort of 1” involves combining historical tunes and instruments with modern live looping techniques to make a solo show.
Share some highlights of your music career.
Blondel’s Agincourt 600 show, and subsequent recording, were a lot of fun – using music from the period to frame texts about Henry V and the campaign which culminated in the famous battle. Often it is the setting and the sense of following in the footsteps of musicians from the past which make the greatest impression. Whether at Hampton Court, in the Globe theatre or even playing by Botham Bar with the York Waits for the arrival of the Queen in York, whey you play the music from hundreds of years ago on the instruments that would have been used, on the very spot where it might have been heard, that gives a special kind of buzz.
What are your plans for the next 5 years?
Being the Consort of 1 show up and running and out to an audience has got to be at the top of the list at the moment. The live looping gear takes some getting used to, but it opens up a vast range of possibilities for approaching this music from a different angle and also bringing it to new audiences. I’m looking forward to the release of Blondel’s next album, and I’d like to do some more theatre work – there’s a great sense of cameradery there and the music and drama can add up to something so much greater than the sum of its parts.
For Viva Live Music, Lizzie is one of our featured musicians for our Tudor entertainment and Wolf Hall Experience. Like all of our musicians and team, she is creative and will enhance any event with her talent, passion and vision. To discuss any event entertainment or to book musicians contact us or call 0800 0938464
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