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Choosing music for your podcast – how it affects your brand

We are just about to launch a podcast – which we’re very excited about. One of the pre-production decisions is choosing appropriate ‘theme’ music at the beginning and end of the podcast. We have been using Pond5

Unfortunately for me and my sound engineer, we both have photographic memories for music and have many associations with different styles of music. We found that by choosing a specific style of music radically altered the way we delivered the introduction speech: the actual character and identity of the podcast (and Viva Live Music) were altered. We are taking real care with this choice, so we reflect our brand.

But it made me consider choices in music and entertainment that is used for events. Considering the brand of the company; age group and taste of the guests is basic – yet something that is often overlooked.

For example, a client wanted a ‘swing band’ for a 1950s vibe: yet panicked after three numbers because no one was dancing. Of course few people know how to do set dances, but the client measured the success of the event by the number of people on the dance floor. Fortunately our versatile band played two sets of cover dance music which had everyone up and dancing.

A very traditional law firm’s event manager organised for a reality TV “Star” to be the the lead attraction and speaker at an event for top level clients. Not only did the majority of the partners and clients not know who this person was, they could hardly understand them and certainly didn’t get their ‘jokes’. The choice of the event manager backfired; she was a fan but didn’t appreciate that the choice of key speaker (entertainment) reflects the brand and character of the firm.

A recent event I attended was at the Haymarket Hotel; a Firmdale Hotel. The event was downstairs where there was a swimming pool. It had a 1920s swimming vibe, with a Dixie Band and synchronised swimmers. Yet they chose a Robbie Williams track for the swimmers to perform to. It was perfect because the modern music completely connected with the guests and the hotel, whilst having the other references to the Vintage style.

So we’re still looking for a suitable track: we’re down to a short list of 5. Once the podcast is launched, I’ll let you know!

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