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Celebrating the Vintage Sisters for International Womens Day

Here at the award winning live music specialist company Viva Live Music, we are celebrating our female talent. Today we showcase the incredible Vintage Sisters who perform sizzling close harmony songs – from the 1920s onwards.

  • When did you set up the group?
We’ve been going since October 2012 – so five years
  • Why did you set up the group?
Three of us were acting in a show together and one night we were having dinner together and starting talking about how we all found it very difficult to sing in harmony. So we challenged ourselves to learn an Andrews Sisters songs and perform it at a charity event that was a few weeks away. We did it and we loved it! By Christmas we had three songs ready for performance and the rest is history!
  • You are clearly passionate about anything ‘Vintage’. What started this passion?
We all grew up very close to our Grandparents who played us old records. We love the fashion, make-up and sounds from the 1920s right through to the 50s.
  • What sort of events (and venues) do you perform at?
Anything! We’ve sung in someone’s front room and also live on TV from Wimbledon Stadium! Mainly, we perform at vintage events, music venues and weddings.
  • What are your plans in the next 5 years?
To keep doing what we do. We’d like to release another album with more original songs. We work closely with our four-piece band and between us we have loads of ideas for new songs. We’d also like to travel more. We go to Asia and the rest of Europe quite regularly, but we want to do more! 
  • Please share some projects you are involved in.
We’ll performing our theatre show, It Takes Three Girls at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds on March 16th. We take you on a journey of different sister acts and girl groups throughout the decades – yes, we touch on the 80s and 90s! It’s great fun and quite informative!
We’ll be back at The Bull’s Head in Barnes, London with our band on April 23rd and that’s always a great event!

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