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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! This is a great day where everyone can celebrate everything Irish and enjoy the atmosphere with the music, party and enjoyment!

As a music management company specialising in British themed entertainment, we welcome the celebrations of all four nations that make up the United Kingdom! Whether it is celebrating St George’s Day with folk music and dancers, or St Patrick’s Day with a great ceilidh, we have lots of options.

Also, International events, where guests are staying in UK from all over the world, LOVE everything British. And what is better than having British Live folk musicians performing – either as background, or feature. What is better than having a Ceilidh or barn dance to break the ice after dinner! Not only do guests love hearing and watching the unique instruments, but they LOVE the ambience that is created.

So let’s celebrate everything British, and welcome our overseas guests with something really special! Do contact me if you want more information about any of our services.

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