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Celebrating British Music at a Quintessentially British Venue

Viva Live Music are always delighted to receive wonderful responses from clients after an event we’ve organised entertainment for. It is even better when they say “The client, the venue and the guests loved what you did. The client is already discussing how to use you next year!”

The event in question was at the wonderful Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The event was hosted by an international bank who had sponsored a number of overseas students to study at Cambridge University. This was an opportunity for the sponsors and students to meet and to have some valuable networking.

As the venue was a series of galleries on two floors, the client was keen to have musicians who could move easily from room to room, and provide a low level of background music, to ensure the networking wasn’t drowned out by the sound. Initially I was going to suggest a classical violinist and a classical guitarist. Both are easy to move from room to room and the quality of the sound wouldn’t penetrate important networking conversations. A wind instrument is a  more focused sound and so this was disregarded quite quickly.

Then I had a brainwave: I suggested our Quintessentially British Entertainment brand could provide a unique twist on the client’s requirements, whilst offering an innovative selection of live entertainment for the clients. I particularly emphasised that the students were from overseas and would love to see some traditional instruments and hear traditional British Folk Music whilst enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

I suggested a folk fiddle player, Jo, who plays folk music from all parts of Britain and an accordion player who sings British Folk songs. After reassuring the client that the accordion wouldn’t be too loud: apparently a particular accordion is quieter for indoor playing, we were given the green light to organise the music.

The musicians were allocated a floor each and performed a couple of pieces in each room. They were careful of guests and artefacts to ensure there were no collisions! The guests, who were all foreign students LOVED the music. This was a real conversation starter for young students who were trying to link up with potential mentors; put themselves up for possible internships etc. The feedback was tremendous, and it goes to show that listening to the client and offering a variety of solutions to their problem, results in happy clients!

So after 25 years in the industry we’re still getting it right. Do give us a call or email us, if you would like a unique twist for your event.


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