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Brass Bands for Atmosphere

How do you create a great atmosphere with live music? In a world where recorded music is used, how can live music ENHANCE an event?? Brass bands used for atmosphere are a perfect solution for some themed events.

 Band Newbury 260915 12

Recently Viva Live Music were asked to suggest entertainment for an outdoor corporate family day at Newbury Race course. The theme to the event was “Victorian”. One of the suggestions we made was to have a Brass Band playing, to create an authentic atmosphere.

 Band Newbury 260915 10

Visually it was something else for the guests to watch – how often do guests, particularly children, have the opportunity to watch a brass band playing? Guests loved watching them and the children laugh at the larger instruments!

 Band Newbury 260915 14

But also it was wonderful to have this music – which carries SO well outside. The atmosphere of music being played that is ‘acoustic’ and easily recognisable was the perfect accompaniment to the exciting Victorian Fairground!

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