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Murder Mystery

Artist Description

Everyone loves a good mystery, and combining interactive entertainment with a good old ‘Murder Mystery’ is a perfect way for your guests to have fun and engage with each other.


Our talented team dine with the guests, and at some point in the evening, there is a MURDER! The remaining team interact with your guests to discover who the murderer is. This is a unique and original after dinner entertainment option, and truly memorable for your guests. Using original stories the team have created, they are able to tailor the ‘murder’ and drama to a specific theme: for example 1920s or Christmas.

crime scene

A typical Murder Mystery event includes

  • one of our original murder mystery stories
  • clue packs for each guest
  • prizes of champagne, wine and a booby prize
  • prize draw to win a Murder Mystery game
  • The actors engaging and interacting with the guests


Please contact us or call 0800 0938 464 to discuss your event and how we could transform it with a Murder Mystery.

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