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Male Solo Saxophonist

Artist Description

If you are looking for an engaging headline artiste OR sophisticated background option for receptions and dinners, why not consider our handsome male solo saxophonist.

This international player has a great play list of jazz standards, crossover and pop songs. He could either perform acoustically or with backing tracks. Either are fabulous options.

The solo saxophonist would be a perfect live musical option for outdoor events, such as summer parties, garden parties, fetes, festivals, summer weddings… The list is endless! The saxophonist is able to perform a cappella (without backing tracks) which makes him ¬†more flexible for outdoor events. He’s even been known to change locations, which is always fun.

The saxophonist is also great for reception background music and as featured entertainment after dinner – either with backing tracks or alongside a DJ which is a great interactive option for after dinner entertainment.

To book this musician or to discuss your event Contact us  or Call + 44 (0) 800 0938 464

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