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Bugsy Malone Entertainment

Artist Description

Bugsy Malone is a hugely popular film and our Bugsy Malone Entertainment option for any party: particularly Barmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs – although I would be surprised if any adult didn’t want to join in the fun!

Bugsy Malone Singers

Our 20 Minutes + featured entertainment includes songs and dances from the show, with four West End performers encouraging guests to sing and dance along. At the end of the show the Splurge Guns will come out! But only if Mum and Dad agree!

Two Bugsy Malone Dance Girls

Our service includes four costumed performers with sound system and sound engineer. Additional services include providing props – including the iconic ‘Bugsy Malone’ car; Splurge guns, rainproof ponchos to protect the guests’ clothes and if necessary, sourcing costumes for key guests.

This is an event package that is perfect for guests of any age!

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