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Brass Quintet

Artist Description

We are delighted to introduce our fabulous brass quintet, who are perfect for outdoor AND indoor events! In fact, we believe this is a great option for parties in the WINTER AND Summer!


Comprising of 5 professional musicians, they perform a variety of crossover, jazz, folk and music theatre arrangements. They are great to listen to, but also many guests love watching the musicians play their different instruments. the quintet option is a ‘quieter’ option to the brass band¬†option, and would work at an outdoor, courtyard reception, outside party and also inside.

In addition, they play CHRISTMAS music; so this option is perfect to welcome guests as they arrive at a venue; inside and also to provide accompaniment to Carol Singing during a Christmas party.

If you are interested in this quintet or would like to discuss your event please contact us or call +44 (0) 800 0938 464

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