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Accordion player

Artist Description

We are delighted to introduce our wonderful accordion player who has a wide variety of music she performs for guests. Coming from an Irish folk background, our accordion player creates a fabulous atmosphere with her exquisite playing.


She plays music from a number of different countries: as well as traditional Irish Folk music, English music, music from France, Eastern Europe and Italy. Many countries have a tradition of music played on the accordion – for accompanying singing and dancing and this is a great way to recreate an ambience of a specific country. As the accordion is an acoustic instrument, it is a perfect instrument for outdoor events, as well as background for receptions and dinners. Also guests LOVE watching the mechanics of the instrument!

She also plays lots of hip arrangement of other songs for a more contemporary atmosphere. Listen to her play; you will recognise this song!

More recordings available by request.

The accordion player performed background music for a French themed dinner at the Lansdowne Club in 2015 and it was perfect.

For more details or to book the musician contact us.

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