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Adding Fizz to your event

This week is National Champagne Week. And this is a chance of adding FIZZ to your event. All events should be memorable and adding that “je ne sais quoi” of luxury fizz – with certain event ingredients is guaranteed to add a ‘pop’ to your event. Here are Viva’s top tips.


Choose a fantastic venue with the ‘wow’ factor. As soon as guests arrive at a venue. Possibly you could have people to greet guests as they arrive: I have been to events where drummers, or actors, or even brass bands have greeted guests. They have welcomed guests even before the magic of the event. If this isn’t possible, don’t forget that first impressions mean everything to guests. So think of the welcome they receive when they arrive. There is nothing more off-putting than not knowing where to go, or grumpy, unhelpful people at the registration desk.


The food and drink is a major part of any event. Here at Viva Towers we recognise that guests will ALWAYS remember if the food isn’t up to scratch; the service is poor or even if there isn’t enough! The same for drink – and champagne of course. You won’t want your event to go flat due to this. So choose your menu and drink carefully to avoid disappointment.


What sort of event are you holding? What are the aims of the event? What does the client and the guests want to get out of the event? If it is essentially to network, make sure the location of the venue works for this. A space that doesn’t have enough room for guests: they’re packed in and don’t have enough room to move is miserable. AND they aren’t going to be able to mingle and network easily. Likewise, if the room is very noisy acoustically, it is going to be SO LOUD when everyone is in there trying to speak. It is virtually impossible for guests to have a conversation. And, d’oh, isn’t networking about talking to people? Think about this and also the background entertainment you choose. The number of times I have attended ‘network’ events where the DJ has played music at the volume for night clubs, is too many times.

Another thing to think about is the background noise when guests are eating. If you are spending a lot of effort in providing lovely food, you want guests to enjoy the flavours! *Sotto Voce* there is something really important to know about food, taste and background noise. If you have recorded or live performing music that is too loud when people are eating, their senses are unable to concentrate on the smell or flavour of the food. Keep the volume down of music when people are eating!


And finally the live entertainment. This is a fabulous edition to your occasion and is added FIZZ to your event. Whether you want background musicians – of course not performing too loudly during a network event; mix and mingle artistes to entertain and engage guests, meet and greet artistes as guests arrive or event featured after dinner entertainment, there is one rule to ensure your choice is a success. That is: think of what your guests want. They might have a different taste from you; they might be a different age group from you, or even want a completely different type of entertainment to you. So ask before you pick and if it isn’t your own particular taste – double check with your client because they are going to have a better idea than you.

Good luck with your event; and if you consider the above points I guarantee you will be adding fizz to your event.

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