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A Surprise Tramp at a Wedding

At Viva Live Music we always like a challenge. With our experience in creating unique live entertainment, we relished the challenge. I had a call from the bride six weeks before the wedding. She really wanted to have a tramp hang about outside the church as she got married; made an appearance at the garden party and then burst into the song in the marquee (for the reception) with two other singers. She very kindly provided the costume.

Our challenge was to set up a scenario where the tramp could appear at the wedding breakfast; for the other singers to join in the fun and finally to have a narrative using the music the bride wanted to include for the cabaret.

We decided to have the tramp pretending to be a Health and Safety expert: to complain about the marquee and how it had been erected. This was particularly relevant since the bridegroom’s company had supplied and erected the marquee!

When he arrived (complete with a bottle of champagne) he caused a lot of confusion with some guests being completely taken in by the act (and enraged on behalf of the bride and groom!)

Just at the right moment he was saved by the music (otherwise he was likely to be thrown out of the marquee); and transformed his costume into that of ‘the phantom’ where he started singing the famous duet. Immediately a female waiter burst into song from another part of the marquee!

She then sang an operatic solo (a favourite of the father of the bride) when another male waiter suddenly burst into song from the other end of the marquee; singing Con te partiro – a favourite song of the bride!!

The three singers then performed a number of popular songs engaging the audience in song and dance. The waiter ended up dancing with the bride – before her first dance! It was a great event with fabulous feedback from the client who was delighted. Another great job done!

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